How can my child access his school's wifi network using his Macbook...?

How can my child access his school’s wifi network using his Macbook which has Bark Home installed? He cannot connect to it at all and he is back in person this morning, and I am remotely trying to troubleshoot, please help.

Hi there! Bark Community Teammate here; happy to help. :slight_smile: I think there’s a slight misunderstanding; Bark Home is a physical box that connects to your home’s router. It allows you to apply web filtering and limitations only to your kids’ devices that are using your HOME network. Bark Home would not be able to apply any web filtering to devices that are not connected to your home’s network.

Bark is able to monitor the content of web browsing and alert you to any potential concerns with the installed Bark Chrome Extension, however this monitors (views) their web browsing and alerts you of any potential concerns. It does not block browsing in any way.

If your child’s Macbook is not currently on your home’s network, this could not be Bark that is blocking their web browsing. I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this; however this would be something else preventing his Macbook from accessing the school’s WiFi.

The Bark team would be happy to further explain Bark’s features if you have any questions! You may always reach the support team at I hope you are both able to get this figured out so he can connect! :yellow_heart:

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