How can I get the Textnow texts through the Bark app?

My daughter uses the Text now app. The Bark app won’t let her text messages through. It’s not on the list to approve. What can I do to allow It? Help. My daughter keeps turning off Bark so she can text.

Hi @Indytas! Mom and Bark Community team member here … :wave: … I’m happy to help! In case you aren’t aware, Bark is able to monitor text messages through most stock messaging apps that are built-in or come with the device. Unfortunately, Bark cannot monitor through web-based texting apps like Text Now.

However, if you’d like to continue using the Text Now app (unmonitored), you can make an adjustment to your screen time and web filtering rules to allow the app as an exception. Here are some steps to help you do that:

We do know how frustrating it can be trying to stay one step ahead of technology and keeping our kids safer. In addition to the safeguards we’ve put in place to help keep the app on the device, and alerting you when we are unable to communicate with the device, we also recommend having open and honest conversations with your kids about the reasons behind the use of any parental software, and the need to help keep them safer online and in real life.

We hope that the following articles will be helpful in talking to your child about using Bark, and discussing your family’s technology guidelines and expectations:

Feel free to reach out to our Support team with any questions about this or anything else. Our friendly team is here to help 7 days & nights a week! We’re here for you! :orange_heart: >> or

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