How bad is TikTok for my 11 year old?

“So…how bad is Tik Tok? My 11 yr old is on that all the time. I did see some comments from weirdos trying to engage in conversation but she never replied. I told her to make her videos to be seen by friends only.”

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“t’s a hard no for us and our 11 yo. Our school district is seeing a lot of grooming and predatory messages on TikTok.”

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Mine just turned 12, but tictoc used to be musical. I let her have that a while back for about a month. You can’t keep them from seeing anything else that’s posted even if they aren’t in your friend group. Lots of inappropriate stuff. I deleted that and she won’t have ticktok either for the same reason. There are lots of articles about the safety of ticotok for kids, just google it. We also don’t allow Snapchat but she does have Instagram, but I’m also her friend and it’s monitored by bark.