Houseparty- Group video chat is safe?

Any of you heard abou the app Houseparty? Ir is a Group video chat. My son, 12 years old is asking me to download, he said most of his classwork has and they need for a project in school. there is a way to control this app?

Hi Vrugbi! Bark Community team member here … :wave: I don’t personally have any experience using the Houseparty app, but I’m hoping these resources might help you!

:heart: How To Set Up Houseparty Parental Controls

:heart: Houseparty App Review

Additionally, on Android, Bark is able to monitor Houseparty Notes, which are the messages passed between users while inside the app. Here’s the detailed list of all Bark monitors, for your reference.

Should you decide that Houseparty is not a good fit for your family, Bark’s screen time and web filtering tools can block access, if this helps to keep your kids safer! Our team is available if you need any assistance or have any questions! We’re here for you! :purple_heart: -