Here's What to Do If Your Kid Is Sending Nudes

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Whether you’ve discovered that your child is sending nudes or you just want to be prepared in case it happens, you can probably guess that it’s a complicated situation to deal with. When we were growing up, creating and sharing naked photos wasn’t really a thing (unless someone had a Polaroid, and even then, they couldn’t be shared instantly). But things have changed. According to a recent report published in JAMA Pediatrics, 1 in 4 kids will admit to sexting. 24/7 access to devices — along with surging hormones and intense peer pressure — have all contributed to…


I am wondering if Bark is able to see if pics are uploaded to sites like porn hub or chaterbate. I know my kid is looking at these sites and others but want to make sure that she is not submitting anything to them.

Hi there! Happy to help. :slight_smile: Here’s a detailed list of all that Bark monitors:

For web browsing, Bark is able to analyze & monitor web searches and web page titles only. It is not able to monitor the content within the page itself (meaning images within webpages cannot be monitored unless they are screenshot or downloaded to your child’s device).

I’m sorry to hear you are going through this, as I imagine it must be stressful and upsetting. Here are some helpful resources that I hope help you to address your concerns and the dangers of distributing nude media to her:

Bark’s team would be happy to chat if you have any questions or need assistance any time. Please do reach out to Thank you!