Help with family link and bark

My daughter is over 13 and family link has opened up her access to more on her devices. When I try to set up Bark to monitor her youtube I get this message " Accounts managed by family link are not allowed to sign in here." So I have a few questions.

  1. Will Bark monitor her activity on web searches when she is on her phone?
  2. Will Bark monitor her youtube searches on her phone even if we don’t link the account?
  3. Is there any way to monitor her GFL account (gmail, youtube, and chrome) without taking her off of family link?
  4. If we take her off of family link will she be able to buy things on the play store without approval?

Hey Susie! I’m from the Bark team and I’d be happy to help answer a few of the Bark questions you have! :blush:

To monitor your daughter’s Android device being supervised by GFL, you may have to temporarily adjust the settings. Here’s are step-by-instructions on how to preform those steps below :point_down:

Bark is able to monitor Chrome web browsing (including incognito mode) on connected devices. Bark is also capable of monitoring YouTube views and searches only on connected Android devices and computers with the Bark Chrome extension (including incognito browsing).

Here is a full comprehensive list of everything Bark monitors:

Thank you for reaching out today! If you have any additional questions or need account assistance, please contact us at or at Thanks, Susie! :blue_heart: