Group chats with friends

New user, here. I am a firm believer in monitoring my children’s phones for their protection and safety. My daughter, now an adult, no longer has her phone monitored with the exception of her location using Life360. My son has Qustodio and now Bark app. Adding Bark really exposed things that I couldn’t see using Qustodio alone.

About my son… he is 16 and wants to be liked so he hangs out with his friends. He is on a GroupMe board for school stuff but a few of them have a separate GroupMe account to just talk junk. It’s the junk they talk about that I don’t like. He doesn’t contribute to the filth but he hasn’t really seen how harmful it can be. I know… I know… it’s the way kids talk these days. I’ve asked him about some of the conversations and we’ve had good discussions about them. I’m hoping he will leave the chat on his own before I have to.