Getting to Text messages via Bark

I saw that text messages are monitored but how do I get into them bark?

Hi, @armyboy061198! I am with the Bark team and happy to help. :slight_smile: Bark monitors iOS & Android texts for a variety of potential issues, such as cyberbullying, sexting, adult content, sexual predators, profanity, drug-related content, signs of depression, suicidal ideation, and more.

If a potential issue is detected, a text/email alert is sent to you to review the issue, along with recommended actions on how to handle the situation. While parents won’t have full, unfettered access to all activities, you will see any concerns we send notifications of.

These notifications would come to you however you entered to be notified on your account- either phone text, email, or both. You can always view your alerts via our iOS Bark Connect parent app, Play Store Bark parent app for Androids, or our website at

Have you already set up Bark monitoring? If not, here are more details for iOS monitoring, and here are more details for Android monitoring. The Bark support team can always be reached via email to with any questions. I hope this helps. Thanks! :slight_smile:

So there is not a way to get notified of the texts messages themselves? I thought we would be notified of every message sent, from whom, at what time, and what the messages said.

Hi there! Bark monitors for potential concerns, and if or when anything is detected, parents will be sent an alert to view that concerning activity. You would be alerted to and be able to view potentially concerning texts. :slight_smile:

Here’s more on how Bark works:

You can always reach the Bark team by emailing I hope this helps!