Gaming Apps-Does Bark block all?

Does Bark block all gaming apps? I saw the ones in the parental controls but was curious if it will block them from gaming apps in the play store in general?

Hi there! Bark mom and Community teammate here, happy to offer insight. :slight_smile: Both Screen Time on-the-go controls (iOS & Android Bark Kids app) and Bark Home (web filtering for your home’s smart devices connected to your home network) work to put parental limits on web traffic (both WiFi and data).

This means you may set schedules for what internet traffic is allowed and when and/or instantly pause internet traffic to compatible devices. While your Bark dashboard lists popular websites and web-based apps and games, you may still add manual websites and web-based apps / games to be blocked or allowed.

Keep in mind this is internet traffic only; what that means is (for example) Minecraft can be played offline locally on a device. If it is offline play, Bark does not restrict this play. If it is online play (servers, with other online players or online chat) Bark can restrict this portion of online (internet) play.

If an app, game, or website is not already listed in the popular sites & games on Bark’s dashboard and you would like to add it as a blocked exception, simply add the app’s domain in the exception block list (this would be in website format = www. gamingappexample .com) If you are needing help with this, please contact Bark’s support team!

If you’d like to block the app store entirely, this is also an option: “App Stores & System Updates” will block app store browsing.

I hope this helps to better explain. Please do reach out to Bark’s support team at with any additional questions or needs. They’re always happy to dive in and help you! Thank you! :yellow_heart:

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