FYI on Instagram

Hi there friends! Just wanted to make others aware of an issue I have run into with my boys. I use a pretty good covering of tools to prevent inappropriate content being viewed in my home and on my kids devices. (Family Link, Bark, Eero etc) This generally works but my boys found ways around this by using Instagram. Using the in app browser. Bark doesn’t seem to catch anything there and my eero blocks on adult or violent content also seem to not block things properly. I would imagine the app browser is working off of Instagram’s servers, operating like a VPN of sorts for their browsing activity.

Now the in-app browser is pretty basic and doesn’t allow for easy moving around to other sites, however my kids figured this out and I believe informed their friends so when they want access to something they ask for a DM to be sent directly. For the time being my boys haven’t learned after a few conversations and I’ve now suspended access to Instagram until I can figure out a good solution to this issue. But I wanted to make other parents aware.

I work in tech and have a pretty good knowledge set for making things more difficult but I do not have much experience on the mobile dev side. I have searched extensively and Instagram no longer has a way for us to turn off the in-app browser and I have been unfruitful in figuring out another way to force the device browser to be used.

This has not been an issue in other apps yet but I’m thinking its only a matter of time.

Good tip! I did know of this. Do you have Androids (Since you mention Family Link)? I haven’t tested on Android / Family Link, But I DO know that iOS Screen Time web limits also DO apply to these in app browsers! So that’s a good thing! I will have to investigate our Android / Family Link… @Jason_Lucero

… to that point, there are in app browsers in Pinterest, Maps, News App, so many. Ugg!