Flo app monitoring

My wife got my daughter the Flo app to track her cycle. Little did I know, there is a “secret chats” area in there, where girls can type questions and anonymously answer them. It’s mostly about “girl stuff” but my wife and I have to constantly look through her history on the app, because I can’t monitor it. Most of it is ok, but some of the topics cover insecurities and other topics that can bring about negative feelings. It’s like social media, but without people knowing who you are, so it sort of opens the floodgates to what they will say.
There isn’t a login, because it’s a free app, but it would be nice if Bark could put that on their list of apps to look into.

Hi Todd! I’m from Bark’s community team. Thanks for your feedback! We are always looking for ways to expand our services to fit the needs of our parents. I’d be happy to pass this along to our team. In the mean time, Protect Young Eyes did an article on The Best Period Tracking Apps for Young Girls - Protect Young Eyes. I hope it helps! It might help you to find an app that does not have access to chat features, if you decide that’s not a good fit for your daughter. :heart:

Always happy to hear from our Bark parents! If you have any additional questions or feedback, you can always reach out to our Support team as well. You can e-mail them at help@bark.us or reach out at bark.us/contact. :grinning:


Good to know, I was not aware of the chat feature. I second your request!