Fall Guys Safe?

Hey guys, My son is interested in playing fall guys and it seems pretty harmless. Wanted to see if anyone has had experience with this game or any recommendations to keep him safe. Thanks, Heather

Hi, Heather! My guys are gamers, too, but this one I am not yet familiar with! Is it this one? I hope this information helps some! :slight_smile:

Here’s more information on keeping your son safer while gaming. :slight_smile:


I see that this is a little late, but my husband and I watch youtubers play fall guys all the time and have never seen anything concerning! It’s a pretty cool game actually that I think incorporates some physics. You can always look up games on youtube and see gamers playing them, that gives a pretty good idea of what’s on there, and with certain youtubers you can see the worst of what’s out there.

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Hey! At first, my friend also worried that her son was too invested in ''Fall.'' For a long time we analyzed his behavior and the game in general from the inside, both personally and through employee monitoring(. Then came to the conclusion that Fall is developing and there really is a little physics there, which would be useful in the future.Thanks