Errors during initial upload to bark

This is now day three of trying to complete the initial upload to the Bark server with no luck. The first few attempts I admit were my ignorance and unknowing the internet was not working properly. However, last night I confirmed a good internet connection, turned off all firewalls, and physically watched it attempt to upload for the 5th time and watch it error out again. Beyond the fact that the previous attempt took 4 hours before erroring out, now my daughter is no longer wanting to cooperate because her phone had to be connected to the laptop for most of the day yesterday. I’ve reached out to Bark support but am still waiting on their reply. I also did a search for other apps that offer this type of monitoring and still provide her the most freedom with her phone. Please help! No idea what one doing wrong.

Hi, Samantha! Sorry to hear you are having trouble. Thanks for your patience while the Bark team works to get to your request and respond ASAP! :slight_smile:

Have you tried all suggestions here? I would suggest checking that you have plenty of storage space available for the data / backup. (I didn’t see you mention that one). Our team is more than happy to have a closer look at this to ensure all is working right for you! Please email any time, or you may also reach out to We’re available 7 days a week and respond to inquiries in the order received and ASAP! Thanks for your patience, Samantha!