Does the paid version let you view all texts

If I get the paid version of this app, can I view all of my kids texts?? Like word for word?

No you cannot with Bark, that is not how they are structured. They use AI and human being to highlight problems to allow you to get an inside view of potential serious issues. And in my opine it is the right way to do it. we get help monitoring without invading privacy and it helps to create opportunities for ON GOING conversations to help us help our kids lear how to appropriately integrate technology and learn limits into their young and developing lives. I think they very clearly spell that out in their info…

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No it does not. It took a combo of apps to accomplish what we needed in monitoring. We use Bark for scanning content and alerting us to potential issues, MMGuardian for app control and time limits, and Life360 for tracking location. We are Android, but all of these work on both platforms (albeit, with less features on Apple bc of their privacy restrictions).

Bark gives me the most Peace of mind bc it does all the scanning of the things I worry most about. But the others were necessary (for us) for some of the things you’re mentioning.

If you wanna give Bark a try, use this link ( to receive a FREE 7 day trial + 20% off for life.

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How is MMGuardian different from Bark?


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On Android, MMG shows all text messages and allows for screen time and app limits. Bark alerts you to concerning issues on text and several social media platforms and maintains a sense of privacy for your child. If I had to do it over again, I would have started with Bark first.

The uknowkids app was able to track ALL messages including those that had been deleted. This feature was available on OiS devices, so the ability is there. I would HIGHLY encourage Bark to develop this. Unless you have a child with shared custody and have experienced the challenges it can create, then one may not fully appreciate the necessity of keeping a pulse on conversations as they happened.

Such a shame to lose uknowkids for a product that is far less capable to monitor a child’s texting behavior.

Hello, Jennifer! Thank you for your feedback. There are certainly other products that offer these features, and we understand that Bark may not fit every family’s needs. This is just not what Bark is or ever intends to be. Bark’s mission is to help to keep parents informed of potential concerns, while still giving kids a bit of privacy. It’s what makes Bark unique. If ever we may help, please reach our support team via email 7 days a week at We’re here for you! :yellow_heart:

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