Does Bark work with the Gabb Phone?

We’ve had way too much trouble with our daughter’s ability to handle having a smart phone. While Bark has been wonderful at helping us identify serious issues (thank you), we now want to get her a Gabb phone instead. Will Bark work with it? She still can text people so Bark will still be needed to monitor that activity.

Hello, @enbowen :slight_smile: Sorry to hear you are going through this! I can certainly relate-- this parenting with tech isn’t easy! Hugs! Honestly, that is the main complaint I’ve seen from Gabb users in our Facebook group- there is no way to monitor texts. :frowning: Bark would be happy to monitor Gabb phones, except the purpose of Gabb is to not allow any third party / app access. It’s not possible at this time. :frowning:

PLEASE send your feedback to Gabb Wireless letting them know you want Bark to be able to monitor your child’s Gabb texts to help keep them safer!

As an alternative, can we help you to “dumb down” her smart phone to calls / texts? Let me know if it is an Android or iPhone, and any other information. I’d be glad to offer tips! Bark also gives the ability to restrict internet activity (sites & web-apps) with their new parental controls. Have you tried these out? Let me know how else I may help, and you can also always reach our team at :yellow_heart:

Hi Jodie,
Thank you! I’ll let Gabb know but we haven’t purchased yet for this reason. Perhaps you can help us walk through her iphone 8 to dumb it down and use the parental controls with Bark. We’re will to do anything at this point!

Sure! You can restrict iPhones all the way down to phone calls to approved contacts only if you want! Or also texts, etc. You can layer on 2 things:

1: Bark for iOS Kids App implements parental controls that allow you to restrict websites & web-based apps. This means apps accessing an internet connection (like Facebook, Netflix, or SnapChat, etc.). Bark’s parental controls & filtering wouldn’t apply to non-internet apps, to be clear. More on how to restrict those later. :slight_smile: Here’s how to set up the Bark Kids app & parental controls.

2: I am not sure if you have an iPhone yourself or if you are already in an Apple Family, but if you do I’d suggest utilizing Apple Family and giving her her own Apple ID! If you don’t have your own iPhone / Apple Family, no worries, you can still put settings in place directly on her iPhone. iOS has it’s own Screen Time that you can set up as well. It pairs with Bark so no worries. Here’s how to set that up.

Here’s also a really handy walk through that digs deeper into what you can do with Apple’s restrictions.

I use both of these for my kids’ iPhones, so if there’s a specific feature you are looking for just let me know and I’ll do my best to guide you to it!

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