Does BARK recognize if the child starts a new account ie; Instagram without permission?

I am new here & I’m thinking of purchasing BARK. We have had Cyberbullying issues last year before school ended for the Summer. We have JUST now given my 13yo his phone back after discussing online behavior with him. The first thing my husband thought of is what if he creates an account we don’t know about after installing BARK. Can the App detect new accounts created? Thank you in advance :+1::slight_smile:

Hi, Gina! Jasmine from Bark here! Thanks for reaching out and thank you for your interest in Bark! :slight_smile:

Bark is able to detect new accounts typically when a child registers for a new account with an email or text number already monitored by Bark. Typically, they’ll receive a “welcome” message asking them to confirm their account, and Bark detects this activity. Here’s some more information about it below.

If you have any questions about monitoring your sons account, please message Bark at or Thank you Gina!


I’m a new Bark user and have found my 13 yo work around is to just create new emails. She’s not a bad kid but I loathe the sneaking.

Gina, I wanted to add that with certain platforms if on Android devices, Bark is able to detect new accounts even if these are not connected to email / text / Bark already. Instagram DMs and searches from a new account on Androids would be able to be detected (this is one of those “special” Android scenarios). Let me know if you have questions! :slight_smile:

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