Does Bark Monitor deleted videos/photos?

We are iPhone user and noticed some photos and videos that were deleted but not removed from the iPhone but wasn’t identified by Bark. The video/photos were pornographic in nature so was shocked Bark didn’t identify them. We are backing up daily so was surprised to say the least.

Hi, @Richard_Louie. Would you please email Bark’s support team at or visit so that the team may access your account to better view and investigate? Please include where these photos / videos are on the device (camera roll? Recently deleted album? In a text? Etc.?) Thank you! The team is looking forward to helping. :yellow_heart:

I found the same thing on my child’s iPhone. Recently deleted photos, screenshot from Instagram. He doesn’t follow the accounts with the nearly pornographic photos, but did search and view, and screenshot pics from these accounts. Just shy of porn. Extremely inappropriate for a 12 year old. Should bark have alerted me???

Hi Sara! Jasmine from Bark here! Could you please email your account information to or Our support staff is looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you! :blue_heart:

What information do you need?

@Sara_Milbourn Please leave a small summary of the inappropriate content you found on your son’s phone and where it was from. Our support staff will be able to see if there are any issues with your connected accounts. Thank you!

I was looking at my son’s iPhone in his deleted photos folder. He has taken several screen shots of nearly naked women while browsing accounts on Instagram. While he doesn’t not technically follow the accounts he was able to look at and screenshot the posts. I was not alerted by Bark.

Hi, @Sara_Milbourn! Please email this information directly to Bark’s support team at so they may access your account to be able to have a look into your specific connections and best assist you. Thanks!