Doctored texts to look like it was sent from our number

Has anyone had experience with a text doctored to look like my daughter sent it? I know it’s not real because I didn’t get a Bark alert (thanks again Bark!!) for the supposed text, but I did get an alert from the screen shot sent to my daughter accusing her of sending it. Her phone number was attached. It was bizarre. When I talked to my girl, she sincerely has no idea where this came from. I believe her, and the nasty text is out of character. Anyone??

I don’t have that experience but I would document everything in order to protect your daughter. It’s possible some one else made it to frame your daughter as a bully or get her in trouble. When looking at the screenshot can you spot inconsistencies? Maybe point out the inconsistencies to whomever says she sent it in order to defend her. Just a thought, again I have no experience with this.

The only odd looking thing is the my daughter’s phone number is printed above the message. It’s an apple device for sure. Unless it’s a group chat, I’ve never seen a phone number above a text. It’s usually a name or the time stamp. but even if my daughter is in a group chat with this girl, I would have gotten an alert from BARk due to the curse word. and above that text, it is blank, which is also odd because texts are usually at the top of the screen, not the bottom. It would make more sense if I could show you but my phone is not letting me edit out personal info on the screen shot. I’m saying, it looks fishy. But yes I will document it and I saved a pic.

The second girl all but admitted that she edited the text to frame my daughter. We decided the screen shot was blacked out and her number was typed in. The more we looked, the more mistakes we found, proving it was not real. We were able to have some good conversations about toxic friendships, and point out the warning signs when a “friend” is not a good friend. These girls are bullies. Bark for the win, again!


yes yes and yes my current situation too.

Mu daughters coach/teacher was fired for porn related activities. Her child has now also retaliated against us.

During spring break Bark caught a snap chat account started and it helped get a police report.

The school gave us the IP address log which we tracked to their locations.

I had Bark waaayyy before these incidents and nothing went out or got tagged from our end on the date in question. If I could get a log printout of that date it would be awesome…

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Hi. I don’t personally have experience with this but I do know with an apple device you can change the contact name (and I believe the number) to make it appear to have been sent from someone else. We have Samsung/Android but a friend with an iPhone showed me how easy it is to just change the name/number after the text is sent by changing it in your contacts. Then you can take a screenshot of the text with the new name/number associated with the text. Hopefully that makes sense and helps you a little bit. :blush:
Maybe someone in the group with an iPhone can test it out to find out?? Actually, now that I’m thinking about it, it may not be an iPhone thing and anyone can do this regardless of the type of device?!?