Discord - Insufficient Info

Hi there… when I get alerts that get flagged due to a red flag item, the alert shows me the actual text that got flagged. This is good. What is missing is the username of the person who actually made that statement. All I want to know is if my child made that statement, or a friend she was speaking to. There is no way to decipher this without speaking to my child and taking a look at the Discord chat. Would like to avoid this by simply looking at the alert and be able to know if my child is using inappropriate words/content or someone else who is chatting with her.

Hello Shehaan!

Thank you for sharing this with us, we appreciate your feedback!

Your Discord alerts should reflect both a sender and receiver and typically, if your child said it, their name would be in bold on the left hand side of the content being reported.

There are some instances when this information does not pull through. For example, if your child is renaming the Discord group chats to something (like creating a chat title) rather than leaving it as the list of participants, this may impact our ability to capture which participant said what and it will only display in the manner in which we are able to capture it.

We’d love to take a deeper look into this for you. Please write into our dedicated support team at bark.us/contact or email us at help@bark.us so that we can review your account and ensure that all is monitoring properly.

We are here for you and appreciate your trust in us to help you keep your family safer online!

All the best,
Leslie R.
Online Community Manager