Digital Detox to help with depression

“Just had an argument with my 17 year old son. Told him we as a family are going to do a technology detox for maybe a week or two. He told me I can’t do that! Then proceeded to tell me that he isn’t like everyone else I read in books or see on tv and I need to look at him as an individual. I told him his doctor suggested a detox to see if it would help his anxiety and depression. Please tell me others have these arguments too!”

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" The best answer I heard, to the question of - how much screen time is too much? - was that, if it creates anxiety when you take it away, it’s too much.

I remember that answer, often, when trying to find the balance with my kiddo (and frankly, myself).

I would take it as a sign that you are making the right decision.

Best of luck to u :bouquet:"

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I haven’t had this argument but then I haven’t tried to enforce a technology detox either. I’m sure it would be a struggle. It seems no matter how much or little screen time my middle child gets he paces when his time is up. He doesn’t seem to know how else to occupy his time. I’m constantly having to redirect him to find something to do. Something like a detox may be in order. He loves to do other things (read, build legos, yu-gi-oh) he just has a hard time transitioning. I hope your detox worked out.

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I haven’t yet really had to deal with this either. We do have an occasional rare week-long punishment from devices, but that is a rare disciplinary action. What about creating and having a list ready of “stuff to do” ideas? Either a list pinned to the fridge, or maybe a Pinterest-y idea such as a jar with popsicle sticks with ideas written on each stick, or something with clothespins with tasks written on them to keep busy. If he is “bored”, encourage him to find something fun to occupy himself with from his “Busy jar” or list. Examples: Read, walk the dog, help the family with a chore, legos, build a fort, create art, (whatever else is age appropriate).

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Please let us know the outcome? Did it achieve awareness by your child that there is a beautiful physical world?

As someone with anxiety and depression taking his phone away may not be the best choice for him. Have you tried talking to him about his thoughts and actually listening to what he has to say and not making excuses as to why you think he feels that way.

Our family has Electronic Free Sunday’s every week. It was rocky for the first month but they don’t even fight it anymore.
Yes, it’s used as a detox but we replace the lack of their devices (computer & phones) with quality time. We play board games, cards, ride bikes, plan an afternoon out after church, and encourage/enforce at least 30 mins of reading. As parents, if we don’t teach them how to incorporate healthy breaks from technology it will consume them.