Device Protection Changed Message Every Night at 11:45 p.m

Every night I receive a “device protection changed” alert at approximately 11:45 p.m. The full message reads:


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Device Protection Changed

Reviewed at July 2, 2020 9:37am

Screen time protection isn’t working on XX’s Android device (Samsung SM-G960U1). Let’s diagnose.

Why is this happening?

It’s most likely one of these reasons:

  • XX removed the Bark Kids app from the device
  • XX deleted the Bark VPN on the device
  • XX device has been off or not connected to the internet for more than 24 hours
  • The app has stopped working for some reason (Please make sure the latest version of Bark Kids is installed on the child’s device.)

Good news: We’re happy to help get it fully protected again. Let us know and we’ll give you a hand.

I don’t believe my son is actually taking any action each night to cause these alerts. Can I just ignore the alerts?

Hi @jakewho! Bark team here … :wave: … Not to worry! If for any reason Bark is unable to communicate with your child’s accounts or devices, you will receive a notification alert. Please reach out to our account support team, who will be able to investigate further details on your account and get this figured out for you! Thanks for being a part of our Bark family! Email:

@jakewho YES! I keep getting the SAME alerts for my daughter’s Samsung phone and her Amazon device. It’s not quite every night but I’ve noticed it IS ALWAYS, WITHOUT FAIL at 10:34pm that this device change was made. My daughter is WAY TOO ABSENT MINDED to actually REPEAT something at the EXACT SAME TIME OVER & OVER.

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Hi @robynmhoeper! Bark team here … :wave: … Thanks for reaching out! Happy to help! Usually, if you are receiving these notifications, Bark is unable to communicate with your child’s device or account. It may not be something your child is actually doing, but likely requires attention to ensure Bark is working properly on the device. Here are a few troubleshooting steps that may help resolve your issue:

If you’re still receiving these screen time notification alerts or need assistance in any way, please reach out to our account support team, who will be more than happy to help you! :slight_smile: >>

Same here. Pretty frustrating!

Hello there! Bark teammate here! I’m so sorry your having issues with your account and I completely understand your frustrations! Please contact our support team at or at Our support specialists are available 24/7 and always excited to assist! Thank you! :blue_heart:

I’m getting the same issue on my son’s android but only within the last few weeks. It’s so frustrating. I suspect this is just another Bark bug. While I love the monitoring, I hate the hoops I’m constantly having to jump through so this service will work and the alerts that shouldn’t be alerts. Between this issue and the fact that my son’s ipad requires me to spend 30 min a week connecting and reconnecting I’m not sure the service is worth the cost. Might be less time consuming to just sit and look over my son’s shoulder whenever he’s on a device.


Hi there, Miranda! This alert is intentional and it lets you know that communication / connection to your child’s device was disrupted or lost.

Please ensure you have the most recent version of the Bark Kids app on your child’s device. You can locate the iOS app from the App Store, and the most recent Android version from Your Parent Dashboard will also show an icon next to your child’s devices if an update is needed.

Some reasons you will receive this alert are:

  • your child removed the app.
  • your child’s device has been off or not connected to the internet for more than 72 hours.
  • The app has stopped working for some reason. (Please make sure the latest version of Bark for Kids is installed on the child’s device.)
  • Your child has a new device.
  • For Androids: Aggressive Battery Optimization on your child’s device is preventing Bark from monitoring as it should. Learn how to prevent this going forward.

If you are experiencing trouble with your son’s iOS monitoring, please check all devices, programs, and apps for any updates. Carefully try the steps here that fit what you are experiencing.

Our friendly team is more than happy to work with you if you have further questions or need help. Please do reach out at Thanks so much!

Same issues. Also cannot get the desktop software to recognize my kids IG account despite having logging in 6 times and it will not wireless sync with my iPad no matter what is done to it. Bark was great in the beginning as we were overwhelmed with the data we were receiving but now that we have had it for a while I don’t know it’s value. The kids are using voice message texts and FaceTime calling to circumnavigate all the monitoring software. Not saying anything is wrong with Bark, just saying it’s effectiveness is not as broad as you may think.

Hi, Jeffrey. Please ensure your personal IG account is completely logged out on the browser, and log in to your child’s Instagram on the device browser. Your child’s Instagram must be the only account logged into Instagram on the device browser. Then, follow these steps to connect:

Great news - Bark does analyze voice within texts! :slight_smile: There is nothing that is able to analyze live FaceTime videos due to Apple’s strict privacy. However, if any screenshots or videos are saved to your child’s camera roll from a FaceTime call, those would be analyzed.

For any “device protection” alerts you receive, you’ll receive this alert most likely one of these reasons:

  • the Bark Kids app was possibly removed.
  • the device has been off or not connected to the internet for more than 72 hours. (Bark would not be able to communicate with it / can’t detect it if it is not connected).
  • The Bark Kids app has stopped working for some reason. (Please make sure the latest version of Bark for Kids is installed on the child’s device.)
  • Your child is possibly using a new device.
  • (iOS): Bark isn’t receiving new backup data from your child’s device / your Bark desktop app
  • (Androids): Aggressive Battery Optimization on your child’s device is preventing Bark from monitoring as it should.

Please see these steps for:

Troubleshooting Android Device Monitoring:

Troubleshooting iOS Device Monitoring:

Troubleshooting Screen Time & Web Filtering:

Bark works extremely hard to be able to monitor and analyze the most features out of any service on the market within device & platform’s limitations. We’re proud to be able to offer parents the most comprehensive internet safety solution available from anyone! Bark’s support team is more than happy to help you further with this if you’d please email or visit at your earliest convenience. I hope this helps! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem with two children. One Moto and one ZTE phone. Right around 11:45 every night.

Hi there! These notifications indicate Bark was unable to connect to your child’s device for an extended period of time as explained in previous replies above. Our team has made a slight change that you will notice moving forward; previously, the reason you may have received these late at night is because this is when the batch of alerts for this type were sent out to all of you parents. Moving forward, these notifications will reflect the true time your child’s device lost connection with Bark. Hopefully, this will help to better understand and investigate why your child’s device lost connection with the steps mentioned above. ^ Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you, this was helpful to get the alert in real time. It helped me to figure out that the issue is that when my kids power down their devices then restart, Bark loses connection because accessibility automatically turns off. Is there a way to prevent this?

Good afternoon!

My name is Paola and I am happy to help.

The good news, it’s an easy fix. Access your child’s device and navigate to Settings > Network > VPN > verify that the Bark VPN is connected or turned on. You will also want to verify that the Bark VPN is set as “Connect on Demand” for iOS, and “Always on” for Android.

If those VPN settings somehow got adjusted, then it’s likely what lead to those notifications about the Device Protection Change.

In addition, if the Accessibility Setting (this is separate from the VPN) keeps turning itself off as well, let’s check that aggressive battery optimization on the child’s device is not impacting the Bark for Kids app. We’ve put together this guide with comprehensive steps on how to adjust any setting that could be potentially leading to Accessibility turning itself off:

If you’re still experiencing problems with consistent monitoring of your child’s device, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly here for more in-depth support!

Kind regards,

Bark Support

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for two kids and their many devices, the fact that I can’t disable this one notification that goes off every time a kid turns off their device to charge at night, leaves me to uninstall this and cancel service. Android devices throughout, the manual installation for third-party apps is a huge deterrent as well.

@cbobcowski, you absolutely can disable this notification if you’d prefer. :slight_smile: Bark alerts you whenever it is unable to communicate with your child’s device so that you know Bark is not able to protect your child’s device (which is very important to many parents).

Please do follow the steps given in your alert to resolve this issue. You may also tap the “don’t alert me to issues with this device” in the top of your alert to ignore this specific alert from your device. Here are those steps:

Please reach our team at and we’d be glad to assist you with this!