Deleting pictures or text messages

Does bark alert me if my kid deletes anything ?

Good morning Sharlet! :sunny:Jasmine from the Bark team here! :slight_smile: In many cases regarding deleted texts, yes. Please note that Bark will not show all deleted text messages in a list for you. However, the content of some deleted texts may be available for Bark to analyze and alert you to any issues contained in them.

Furthermore, if your child deletes the Bark app from one of their devices, you’ll be alerted!
If your child changes the passwords to their email or social media accounts and Bark stops monitoring them, you will also receive an alert for that as well! :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out! You can always contact Bark by email at or at for any assistance with your account. Our wonderful support staff members are always available and eager to assist! Thank you Sharlet! :blue_heart:

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Thank you so much :heartpulse: that’s helps a lot