Deleting after reviewing

Is there a way to delete the stuff you’ve reviewed?

Hi Damaris! Bark Community team member here … :wave: Happy to help! In reviewing alerts for Bark, there are two filters available to sort- “Needs Review” and “Reviewed”. In your case, you’ll likely want to ensure that you only have “Needs Review” selected with a checkmark. Here’s more on Reviewing Alerts and how to use sorting filters.

If our support team can be of further assistance, or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime! We’re here for you.

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Thanks but that didn’t exactly answer my question, maybe I didn’t explain very well.

Once I’m done reviewing the notification and I don’t need it anymore, can I delete it? Or does the notification stay on bark forever?

Hi again, Damaris! Sorry for any misunderstanding! We are adamant that parents should own and control all their data. :facepunch: If you’d like to remove data from your account, please reach out to our support team who will be better suited to assist you! :purple_heart: - or

Thank you very much!

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