Data not being sent to Bark app

Anyone else having issues with this app? I have been using it to monitor my kids messages (which is not affective at all since I cannot choose an option to see the whole thread.) Anyway, out of the blue my child’s phone data is not being sent to the bark app anymore. I took her phone and made sure the auto backup was on, made sure she was connected to WiFi and everything. But, basically my bark app is no longer getting the data from my kid’s phones.

Hi there, Greg! I am with the Bark team. :slight_smile: Bark was created to be able to allow parents to be notified of potential concerning activity only, and still give kids a bit of privacy by not allowing parents to see all activities- only the concerns. This is why you are unable to view all of your child’s messages.

Regarding issues with monitoring, if this is an iOS device please click here for self-troubleshooting steps. For Androids, please click here.

Bark’s family online safety specialists team is available 7 days a week to help you further if you are still needing assistance. Please email or visit so we may gather more details to be able to quickly and best assist you. Thanks very much, Greg! :slight_smile: