Cyberbullying/threats of violence over Instagram DMs

"To all of my partners in his crazy, hard era of parenting… I could use some advice please.

Recently, like last week, my son broke up with his girlfriend. He’s thirteen. A little too young imo for a girlfriend, but that’s another story. Anyway… I was doin a random phone check this morning and found an Instagram direct message from one of her friends that also goes to school with the two of them. It’s a boy who has declared open season on my son. A much bigger boy I might add. I took pictures of the messages and talked to the ex’s mom about it. We’ve become somewhat friends. She was livid… told her daughter that she had better tell him to back off. The girl did. Now, this kid is posting stuff on his stories that my son snitched and it’s really on!

I plan on going to the school with all of the pictures. My son looked and the boy deleted all of his messages to my son so it only shows my son’s responses in the thread. I’m glad I took pictures… I didn’t want him getting notifications that it was screenshot.
I’ve never dealt with anything like this before. It’s his 8th grade year, he just joined a new sports team and doesn’t want to get into any trouble for fighting. He’s never been in a fight before either.
Here’s the conversation."

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" I know of someone who went through this exact situation. They were told to take the phone, their child to the police because what the other kid is saying is basically threatening violence. The police called in the other child’s parents and the child. It was the best way to handle it because the school was putting up road blocks. And two, it’s on record if this kid does attempt to do anything to your son. I hate that you and your son are having to go through this situation!"

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