Conversations Marked as Negative

My son’s dashboard recently had its first day of conversations marked as negative. How do I get more insights into what caused this to happen?

Hi @jakewho ! Bark team here … :wave: … We see you’ve found our Sentiment Insights feature in the Parent Dashboard! This feature can be used to help recognize trends, to learn how your child might be expressing themselves, and how the world may be affecting them. Here’s more info on this feature:

Of course, having a better understanding of your child’s sentiments is no replacement for having ongoing and supportive conversations — in fact, this feature is meant to help provide your family with clearer avenues to these sorts of discussions that can help make growing up a little easier. We highly encourage families to have open discussions about online safety, how using Bark helps, and to engender trust with their children by giving them appropriate privacy online. This might be helpful on how to go about starting these conversations:

We hope that helps! If you have any questions or wish to discuss in further detail, please reach out to our support team any time! We’re always here to offer assistance and a better understanding as to how Bark works! >>

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