Controlling time limits

I heard that Bark is going to start having time limit controls? Is this correct and does anyone know when this is going to happen?

Hi, Katie! Yes- and we are so very excited! Coming very soon (should be early April) we will be providing parental controls. We promise to share more information as we can! Please follow our blog and socials for any new announcements. Here’s also a recent article with more information. Thanks, Katie! :hugs:


Haha my son saw me reading this and said “nooooooo”

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To be clear here though, will this require a hardware (router) purchase to use and enforce this? Or will it be possible to integrate only with an installed application?

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@psauvola, these parental controls will be available and implemented through the installed Bark Kids iOS app, or the Bark for Kids Android and Kindle Fire app. Full details are expected to be available in our Help guides by Monday! :slight_smile:


@Jodie that is most excellent news!! You folks continue to improve an already stellar product and service!


Thank you so much; we are excited to be able to offer parents an “all in one” solution! :raised_hands: Should be rolling out on or near early next week. All that you’ll need to do once it is live is update your Bark Kids app, and also log out / log back in to your Kids app with your Bark account credentials. :slight_smile: This service will be included at no additional charge for existing Bark customers!

Also, please keep in mind that this will continue to be improved and even more features added after the initial product launch. :yellow_heart:


We don’t actually have a Bark app on iOS, we just monitor by cloud and backups. There will be an app we need to put on iOS?

The Bark Kids iOS app is available now; screen time & web filtering support will soon be added and available through the iOS kids app. :slight_smile:

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We have been using Qustodio for web filtering and then Apple’s own Screen Time for limits on downtime and application limits. How does your new service compare to those?

How do you accomplish web filtering? I’ve seen it implemented by using a custom browser (Kaspersky) and also a VPN which is what we are doing now.

Hi @Matt_Hrynkow! Thanks for your interest! While we can’t speak to other services’ features, we can tell you what to expect from Bark. :slight_smile:

In addition to content monitoring, Bark will empower you to be able to manage screen time, filter websites, and request location check-ins — all with a single service. When the screen time and web filtering features are released soon, they will be implemented through the addition of a VPN along with the existing iOS Bark Kids app and Android Bark for Kids app. In order to take advantage of Bark’s screen time and web filtering features, other VPN services will need to be disabled, as iOS and Android devices only allow one active VPN at a time.

With screen time and web filtering, you’ll be able to:
Set a “bedtime” (downtime)
Allow or block access to categories of apps and websites
Turn off internet based apps (WiFi & cellular) when needed
Block specific websites
Use our Check-Ins feature to locate your kids

Bark’s content monitoring is not changing. iOS monitoring will still rely on backups using the Bark Desktop app.

Families can use both Bark screen time and web filtering and iOS Screen Time. However, to prevent headaches, you’ll want to disable third party web filters (if applicable), so you only have to worry about adjusting Bark’s web filter rules.

Since Bark already monitors the Chrome browser via iOS backups, these new features will also apply to iOS Chrome.

Hope that helps! Stay tuned for more info!
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Will we be able to put a hard stop to an app at anytime? Right now in iOS u can’t do that. You have to let time run out. However with OurPact. You can stop apps anytime if you have a u cooperative kid. :face_with_monocle:

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Hi, @fnazarko! :wave: :drum::drum::drum: YESSS! With the touch of a button!

You can read more about setting up our Screen time & Web Filtering here.

Pausing online activities, setting Bedtime, and blocking categories are here.

Message our friendly team at if we can assist with anything. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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When will everyone get this feature? I have been looking forward to this for a long time

Hi @david8 ! Exciting, isn’t it? New features are available to all new sign-ups, and are being released this week in waves to current customers. Current customers will be notified via email once the rollout is completed. Stay tuned! :star: Thanks for being a member of our Bark family and reach out if you have any questions!

The previous software we had allowed different time limits for each device which was super helpful. Meaning I will let my child use his/her phone more than the PC. Will this be a feature as well? That is what I’m looking for along with the other features listed.

Hi, @sarathomas214! That’s a great question. :slight_smile: Currently, your screen time & web filtering settings will apply to all iOS & Android devices assigned to a child.

That said, if you’d like different rules for different devices for the same child, the current solution is to create / edit a new named child. Example:

  • Child 1: Johnny’s iPhone (Settings scenario strict)
  • Child 2: Johnny’s iPad (settings scenario more relaxed - later bedtime)
  • Child 3: Johnny’s iPod (Settings scenario no social media allowed)
  • Child 4: Johnny’s Android tablet (settings scenario school work only).

I do hope this makes sense! Please do reach our support team with any questions at Thank you!

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That makes sense, will try that! The other issue I’m having is when I try to change the bedtime to a different time I can’t. It doesn’t allow me to change it from 9-6. Is there something I’m missing?

Please check that your Time Zone is set in your dashboard (the menu in upper right) > Account.

If you made adjustments to your Time Zone, please uninstall / reinstall your child’s app from and sign in again for this change to take effect.

If this does not correct, please write so the team may further assist you with this. :slight_smile:

When will the screen time feature be available to all users? It does not appear to be included with our app yet, despite an app update the other day.