Content monitoring without VPN

Will the bark for kids app continue content monitoring without the VPN? Understanding that web filtering and screentime management would be sacrificed.

Hey Maxine! Bark team here … :wave: … Thanks for reaching out today! Yes, content monitoring will continue without using the VPN. A little further explanation by device-

For Android-
Our Bark for Kids Android app is all-inclusive and includes both monitoring and parental controls. However, you can certainly opt not to use the parental controls (a separate setting). The Bark for Kids app is still required to be installed on the child’s Android device for content monitoring.

For iOS-
If you do not wish to use the parental controls and location check-in features for your child’s iOS device, you do not need to install the Bark Kids iOS companion app. You can still monitor for concerning content on the child’s iOS device through the daily automatic and wireless computer backups.

That being said, if you are having ANY issues with your VPN, I’ve included some steps that may assist in resolving your issue.

And of course, our support team would also be happy to investigate any issues and ensure everything is working as it should. They’re happy to assist any time and can be reached 7 days/nights a week via email at or online chat at We appreciate your trust and support; we are here for you! :orange_heart:


So…to be sure, if our family uses Android devices, using or not using the Bark VPN won’t make any difference in the monitoring?



Hi @David_Landry! Parent and Bark Community team here … :wave: … Correct. The Bark VPN doesn’t do anything other than block or allow content according to your screen time settings. It acts as a “gateway” to filter that traffic. Bark doesn’t need a VPN for content monitoring, but we do need a VPN to enforce web filtering on Android and iOS devices. As long as the Bark for Kids app is installed, your child’s Android will be monitored.

If you disable the VPN, you will receive alerts noting something like “device protection changed / screen time not working.” You will continue to receive this alert until the VPN is connected OR you “ignore this (device).” If you choose to ignore the “device” on that alert, you will no longer be alerted the screen time / VPN is not working. Here’s more information:

We hope that helps! Message our Support team if you need any assistance with settings or questions on your account. Thank you for being a part of the Bark family! We’re here for you. :orange_heart: >> or