Confused on setup

I sent the text to my daughters cell, then it asked for parent log in and pw and we set up the accounts together. Afterwards I logged out but was I supposed to because now she can’t check in.

Hi, @sherrialicia! It sounds like you are setting up an Android for monitoring. You’ll want to stay logged in on the Bark for Kids app. This allows your daughter’s device data to be associated with your Bark account. :slight_smile:

Here are the Android set up steps to help:

Please reach Bark support via email to any time. Thanks!

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Now I am unable to log-in to bark kids on her tablet. I’ve tried everything even a factory reset on the tablet, it just keeps telling me my email/password is incorrect. Resetting the password only leads me to being logged in on the parent account. I am able to repeatedly log in and out with the same email and password on her cellphone however. Both devices are android

Hi there! If you’re having trouble logging in and resetting your password,, the Bark support team is happy to help you further with this. Please email for the best assistance! The team is more than happy to help. Thank you! :slight_smile: