CleanBrowsing - recommended by a tech magazine

"All three of my children had iPhones where you can easily block adult content. Recently, one of my almost 12 year-old twin boys switched to an Android. Bark is installed and is AMAZING with Androids. The other day he was with his father and texted me MOM…I JUST GOT SENT TO A SUPER INAPPROPRIATE WEBSITE. I got out but…

I called him immediately and told him he did the right thing and asked him what he saw. He said he closed right away. Bark triggered a warning and it was really nasty and totally overstimulating for a 12 year old. He was watching a trailer for the release of a game and must have clicked an ad.

I realized I hadn’t turned on the content blocker and had no idea how to on an android. I googled and researched and it was really hard to find anything, but I did find a website CleanBrowsing that was recommended by a tech magazine article. I downloaded it to his Android, installed and “tested” it and it worked.

We had a great conversation that day and again today that he made the right choice, the internet can be scary and there may be times he’s curious but there can be so much dangerous and inappropriate things he can be exposed to. I kept telling him he made the right choice and I was proud of him, and it’s not always easy to do that. I do know that he knows Bark is triggering alerts and it is definitely an awesome app. I just with Apple would allow more interface!"

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" I use BOOMERANG on my son’s Android. You use their SPIN browser which is safe and then block all others. I also use it to monitor Youtube searches. :blush:"

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