Childhood 2.0 Documentary

Would you let your 14 yr old boy watch the Childhood 2.0

I would - I’ve shared it with my 11 yr old son.


Hi Tricia! I watched this with my 14-year-old son last week and it was actually a really enjoyable experience. He was really surprised by some of the things young women reported experiencing and the mental health topics covered and we ended up having a wonderful conversation. :green_heart:


Hi there! We actually did let our kids watch the documentary. I have a 14 yr old boy and a 13 yr old girl. It really opened up the conversation about different topics and they seemed to agree with a lot of what the teens were saying on-screen and the effects of it at school. The following day we had them write an one page essay on what they thought about it and their papers were actually pretty impressive and insightful. I think you’ll be surprised at the type of engagement you can get from them. I say go for it!


Thank you for all your replies. We will be watching it this weekend


What is the youngest age you’d target this documentary for? I know there are many variables, but just wondering.

Hi, Debbi! It’s definitely a good idea to first watch for yourself to decide if it’s appropriate for your children (because every family and child is different)! I personally (as a mom) think it is ok for high school or age 13+ (just my opinion); anything below 13 I’d say at your own discretion for sure. We’d love to hear your feedback after viewing! :slight_smile: I hope this helps.

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I’ve watched it with my 11 year old daughter. These kids are learning things at school at a younger age, we have to stay on top of it.


Definitely watch it first. I would have loved to have all of my kids watch it, but there is a segment where they show a bunch of inappropriate images while discussing pornography. Wish they would have blurred them out, it wasn’t necessary to show them.

We watched it as a family once he turned 14 in October. Definitely the right age. I think although the content is hard to watch, it is important they see it before an incident happens. Unfortunately, that is getting to be younger all the time. The documentary is amazing!


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