Charging stations outside the bedroom

So many people let their kiddos keep their electronic in their bedrooms overnight. I have a wonderful kiddo but I know that is just way too much temptation for him. And he admits it too.

Hi, Carrie! Personally, I have to agree. Before iOS Screen Time came out a year ago, we had our devices charging overnight in our family area downstairs (kids sleep upstairs) and I happened to wake up in the middle of the night to find my then 12y/o sneaking YouTube at 3am. LONG discussion about this, and it hasn’t happened since, but we now also pair “no devices in rooms at night” with the built in parent controls on all of our devices that are provided (at no charge)!

He knew he shouldn’t have done it, yet he wasn’t able to exercise self control. They still need our help at these ages. :yellow_heart:

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