Cannot connect gmail

I am attempting to connect my kids’s accounts, but I can’t connect my oldest’s gmail because I get a popup saying, “It appears to be connected to another child in the system. Please disconnect before adding it here.” It is NOT connected anywhere in Bark and even “disconnecting” this already not connected account from her name in Bark does nothing. Any ideas?

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for reaching out! I’m from the Bark team and I’d be happy to help you out! :blue_heart: To try to disconnect the account, please complete these following steps! :blush:

Also please log out, refresh your browser, login and try again to connect the account in question. And if that doesn’t work, please be sure to email in to and someone from our support staff will resolve any issues you have! Thanks again Rebecca! :relaxed:

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Good morning, @Rebecca_Oblak. I’m with the Bark team and wanted to make sure you were able to connect your children’s accounts. Our fantastic support team is standing by to help you now & 7 days a week! Please email us at or reach us here so we may quickly assist if you are still needing help. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, but I can’t do that because there are no accounts linked to her according to that page. It’s really odd. I will e-mail the question like you suggested. I appreciate your help.