Can you toggle Bark on/off per device

We have enacted a strict policy that connected devices in our house, must have Bark. My step-daughter won’t do this and her mother supports that. So as of now, her devices are not allowed here during visits. She has asked us that if it was installed on hers, could it be turned off for when she’s not with us?

Hi, Crystal. Bark monitors differently depending on what kind of device. So that we can give accurate information, What specifically are you looking to monitor? (iOS? Android? Windows? Mac? Chromebook? Kindle Fire?)

It would be for iPhone.

Hello Crystal! Unfortunately due to iOS monitoring there’s no way to toggle on and off monitoring. :disappointed: This is because iOS devices rely on backups (due to Apple privacy policies) between the home computer and child’s iPhone when on the same WiFi network. For Bark to monitor iOS texts, web, notes, and camera roll, it will need to be backed up to the home Wi-Fi and sync to the computer with the Bark Desktop app running. For email and social media accounts, those are monitored 24/7 and not able to be toggled on and off.

Hi Crystal, my daughter has an iPhone and Bark only works when the phone is on the same network as my computer. It’s super frustrating when we travel or spend any time away from home, but the bottom line is that you don’t need to toggle anything off/on. Once your step-daughter is not on the same network as your computer, the phone isn’t being monitored.