Can we Remote Lock?

Hey guys,

I know we can “pause” the internet on our child’s devices but was wondering if Bark also let’s us LOCK the device? Like Google Family Link does!



Hey David! Great question! I’m from Bark’s community team and also a Mom. :slight_smile:

While Bark is able to limit the internet connectivity of the the device, it is not able to “lock down the device” or turn it off completely. These are functions that are innate to the device so we are not able to control them using Bark’s VPN.

Many parents have mentioned having a policy in their homes where all devices are turned at the end of the night, so no tech in bedrooms after bedtime, if that is something you’d consider! I hope this helps to answer your question! We’re always here if you need us or have other questions! You can reach out to our Support Team at 7 days a week! :slight_smile: