Can I add certain words I would like Bark to watch for?

Is there a way to have Bark monitor my daughters phone for certain words in texts or YouTube?

Hi, Jen! :slight_smile: Welcome! Bark’s algorithms use machine learning to analyze conversational context and do not just look at keywords but at the broader conversation. At this time there’s not a way to input personal terms to be alerted on, however you can adjust the sensitivity of alerts to your liking with these steps.

I hope this helps to answer, and you can always reach the team with questions by emailing or visiting Happy New Year! :confetti_ball:

Thanks. Yeah, that isn’t too helpful. It’s just a certain term that may seem harmless to people but it is used to mean other things…that’s kinda what I was looking to monitor.

Happy new year.

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I agree. I’m finding alot if teen lingo and texting lingo that is a bit concerning.