Can Bark see deleted texts?

  • Bark can see deleted texts on Androids. For iOS devices, Bark can see SOME deleted texts — it depends on how soon the phone is backed up after deletion.

Do I have to back up phone everyday on an iPhone?

Hello, @cantrellbren! With iOS, For monitoring iOS, Apple’s strict security prevents Bark from monitoring the device or iCloud directly; Bark monitors the text, web browsing, Notes, & camera roll data from wireless backups you create to your PC or Mac, using our installed Bark desktop program (recommended daily). Here are those steps:

After the initial set up, backups happen automatically & wirelessly about every 6 hours when your child’s device is home and on the same WiFi network as your powered on PC/Mac with the Bark desktop program running (recommended daily).

Bark’s support is happy to help if you have any questions or concerns! Please contact the team at Thank you! :slight_smile: