Blocking Guest Network that kids friends connect to

I have a Netgear Orbi Mesh Wifi RBR20 system at our house. The problem I keep running into is how to control access to both the main Wifi (family) and the Guest Wifi? I have been using open DNS to track/ filter/block access on both networks. This works because everything is at the DNS level. While this is ok for me others are having a hard time reading the logs and such.

Does anyone have opinions on DNS services like SafeDNS or DNSFilter? SafeDNS seems good

Iv also, been looking at different consumer appliances (Firewalla, RouterLimits, etc.) But the problem is that because these appliances don’t work at the DNS level I am not able to monitor/track/block both main Wifi (Family)and the Guest Wifi that I give out when my kid’s friends come over. Does anyone have any suggestions? I can put in a Fortigate\Sonicwall\Watchguard\ but that seems like overkill.

Thanks all.

Michael, This is a good question and its good to see that other parents are attempting to protect their household.

If you want to stick with DNS blocks OpenDNS is a good option. You can set all your devices to use your router as the DNS server and have the router use OpenDNS.

Another option is to get a Raspberry Pi and install Pi-Hole, usually use more for adware but it will do the trick as you can tell it to use OpenDNS as it primary lookup. It has sweet charts, top sites used, top blocked etc.

Remember any smart kid will get around your DNS block by just using their own DNS or host file entries, you need to block outgoing port 53 except for devices or locations you allow this will prevent folks from going to or or etc.

Do you let kids know your a house the doesn’t allow for certain type of content so you request they abide by it to use your network?

Firewalla looks pretty slick and harder to get around then what your using. Looks like it works with my Ubiquiti USG so I might try adding this for another layer.

Ubiquiti can classify traffic and be used to block it. I used to have Zywall USG and it offered something similar. Does your Netgear device provide usage statistic by device or application?

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