Blocked Websites

On the weekly report it lists how many websites were blocked via screen time. Is there a way to see the “list/website addresses” of blocked websites/activity rather than just the total number blocked?

Hi Susan! Thank you for reaching out today! Bark teammate here! :blush: At Bark, it’s against our ethos for parents to have access to all of their children’s web browsing history. We give children privacy by not showing parents all of their online activities, but rather we only alerting and showing parents potential concerns. Parents are able to access ‘Recently Blocked Activity’ under the settings tab on their Bark dashboard. Clicking on the gear icon will display the latest few hours worth of blocked web browsing during non-Bedtime hours and review why it was blocked.

If there’s anything we can help you with, please reach us 7 days a week at or Thank you! :blue_heart: