Blocked Websites in Background?

I received a notification that my 10-year-old son tried to access 2 websites that were blocked due to sexual content. It said he tried to access the first one 7 times, all at 10:50pm and then the second one also 7 times at 10:52pm. I know that there is no way he would have looked up these particular sites. At the time he was just watching YouTube videos from Chrome on his iPad because he doesn’t have the YouTube app. Is there some way that these websites could pop up in the background of something else without his knowledge? I know it sounds naive to think that he couldn’t possibly know about these things, but I really am sure that this particular type of content is not something he would even know to look up. Any ideas?

Hi there! I’m from Bark’s community team! Thanks for posting! My instincts agree with you. Seems like these websites might have been attempting to be accessed by pop-ups in the background. Pop-ups are generated by the web pages that you’re visiting, so I would look into the web pages your child was looking at around that time! For your knowledge, you can always navigate to Recently Blocked Activity to see what has been blocked, on your parent dashboard. This information is frequently cleared but can be used for troubleshooting. If it happens again, that would be the first place I’d check! If you have any questions, our support team would be happy to chat with you anytime. You can reach out to them by e-mailing, anytime! :sparkling_heart:

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