Blocked apps = frustation

I have set the parental controls to set times for use and to block certain apps like snapchat. None of it helps. She is still on all apps, all hours of the day and night. It’s frustrating. We set parental controls through her Google account but apparently she’s logging in through her school Google account to download apps that are blocked on her personal account. Experiencing extreme frustration at failed attempts to control her app usage and her blatant disregard for what she’s supposed to be doing. Any suggestions would be great

Hi there! I’m sorry you are going through this. This part of parenting is tough, I know. :broken_heart: If you are having trouble with Bark’s web filtering of websites and web-based apps, please try the steps here that fit what you are experiencing:

Depending on what device you are using, you can try also adding in iOS Screen Time or Google Family Link to help with account restrictions, app install restrictions, and more.

For other devices, you can find steps for parental settings at

Bark’s support team would be glad to have a deeper look at your account and set up to see how we may assist. Please contact any time. Thank you, and sincere wishes for success!

You are not alone. This behavior has escalated to outright lying and sneaking around at all hours of the night to enable passwords and apps. It’s so bad.

Hi Heather! Bark Community team member here … :wave: As a fellow parent, I feel your pain! It’s so frustrating when our kids try to circumvent the safeguards we put in place to help keep them safer! Hugs. :hugs: If you need help to check or adjust Bark settings, would like additional resources, or if we can be of any help at all; please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here for you! :purple_heart:

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Trying to keep up with all the ways the kids can get sneaky, is just exhausting. I was frustrated at one point, but not anymore. The phone is in my possession at 7pm till morning . I sleep very soundly knowing that no electronics are in use. Just take the phone.


This is frustrating so I’ve gone one step above and set limits directly on the internet hub. I’ve set time limits and can block websites and apps. I’ve also put a down time on so that nothing is accessible from 8pm-8am. Your service provider should have an app that you can download to your phone to allow you to set all kinds of limits. It will also allow you to assign devices that are connected to your gateway so that you know which child is doing and using what and at what times.
I hope this helps. Good luck!!

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At home it isn’t as much of an issue. She’s allowed to have her phone at school and at her mom’s. So she lives on snapchat both places

what about taking away her phone and labtop/computer access? And asking the school to monitor…you would think the school would work with you to block stuff.