Best Co-app to Bark?

My son is 15 and are going to give him a phone in the next few weeks. I am a nervous wreck and want to do this right. We have an extra Android that we want to lock down to basically be a flip phone. We will allow him to call, text, take pictures, use his google calendar, and maybe a scripture app. :rofl:

We already use Google Family Link, but I would like to see more detailed histories. I also initially want to see ALL of the text messages he is sending and receiving. What apps to you guys run along with Bark that work smoothly that allow me to see the most possible?

Ones I’ve found that might work are Safe Lagoon, Quostodio, and MM Guardian. Does anyone have experience with these? Tell me what you like or don’t like.

I have spent hours researching and thought I’d reach out here. Thanks!

It took a combo of apps to accomplish what we needed in monitoring. We use Bark for scanning content and alerting us to potential issues, MMGuardian for app control and time limits, and Life360 for tracking location. We are Android, but all of these work on both platforms (albeit, with less features on Apple bc of their privacy restrictions).

Bark gives me the most Peace of mind bc it does all the scanning of the things I worry most about. But the others were necessary (for us) for some of the things you’re mentioning.

If you wanna give Bark a try, use this link ( to receive a FREE 7 day trial + 20% off for life.

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Thank you! I’ll give MMGuardian a trial run.