Best Basic Phone for 7yo

My 7yo doesn’t have a phone yet but it’s become at least a minor conversation point, now that my wife is also working full-time and he’ll be spending more time with babysitters during the afternoon. We’ve been semi-considering getting him either a phone or some other device that he can use to let us know if a babysitter is late picking him up or just to reach out to us to let us know he’s okay. Any suggestions for good devices in that realm?

Good Morning Aaron!

We all know that maneuvering in this day of technology can be difficult, but as long as you are equipped with the important stuff, you’ll be ahead of the curve!

I wanted to drop this links to provide more info on what that first device should be:



Hi Aaron! We are LOVING the Palm phone for kids. It’s the perfect option for parents who want to stay connected to their kids but don’t want them to be consumed by a giant screen. This durable device is the size of a credit card, and it’s a great first phone that doesn’t require an expensive plan or binding contract to get started. All Bark families can get $50 off a Palm phone using the code Back2School. Visit or your local Verizon store to learn more!