Barks shows deleted SMS messages

Bark alerted me to deleted SMS messages on my daughters IOS, but when I go in to review them, there aren’t any phone numbers, other than my daughter. Just messages. The messages don’t really make sense and my daughter swears she did not delete any messages (I know she could be lying, but I don’t see why she would because of the content in the messages). Also at the time the said messages we’re supposedly deleted, we were all together having Christmas with family and she didn’t even have her phone with her. Has anyone else had this issue? Seems her number has maybe been crossed with another?

Hi, @chaze32 :slight_smile: I am with the Bark team. I wanted to point out that Bark doesn’t monitor iOS texts (or anything) based on your child’s phone number at all, but rather from the data gathered from iOS backups to your PC or Mac. Therefore, a mistaken or crossed phone number isn’t possible. This would have been data from your daughter’s iOS backup (just like when iOS backs up to iCloud or backs up to a computer with iTunes).

Please reach out to Bark’s fantastic support team by emailing or at so the team may access your Bark account to be able to best assist you with this and hopefully provide better insight. If you would please let them know the date / time of an alert in question, this will be helpful. Thank you so much!

Thank you. I will contact the support team.

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Can I read all my child’s text messsges?

Hello, @facciponti.maria! :slight_smile: Bark will only alert parents and show you if or when any potential concerns found, such as cyberbullying, sexting, adult content, sexual predators, profanity, drug-related content, signs of depression, suicidal ideation, and more.

Here’s more explaining alerts and reviewing potential issues:

I hope this helps to explain! Please message Bark’s support team with any questions. We’re here for you. Thank you!

I want to cancel my free subscription and do not want to purchase

Hi there. :slight_smile: Is there something our team can help you with? Happy to chat or set up a phone call! You may cancel any time from your account. Our team is more than happy to help at any time. :slight_smile: