Bark VPN and screen time not working

Since the day I downloaded the Bark app, there has been an issue with the VPN on my daughter’s phone that causes her apps to not work at all. If I turn off the VPN, the apps are fine. If I turn on the VPN, the apps will not work. I have done all troubleshooting steps I can find online, but nothing works. Any ideas?

Hi there, Emily! We’re really enjoying Bark’s screen time on our devices; let’s make sure you can, too! :slight_smile: Please email Bark’s support team at or visit so the team may access your account and gather more information to best assist you with this. Thank you!

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Yes. We have had the same issues. I think we found out that it was screen time settings. Also, we had another app conflicting with the Bark VPN.

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Hi @Summer_Adams! Bark team here … :wave: We do hope you got everything working smoothly? If not, please do reach out to our account support team! >> << We’re here for you! :orange_heart:

Hi I’ve been having the same problems. Where you able to determine which screen time settings were causing the issues? Or can you just not use them at all?

Alexis, our team is here for YOU!
Please try these steps that should help to resolve any issues:

Please message us at or so that we can take a deep dive into your account to quickly and best assist you if you are still needing help. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to figure it out at all. I’ve troubleshooted everything I know to troubleshoot, but I can’t solve the problem.

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Hi, Emily! Please try these steps:

If you are still needing help, I want to assure you that our super friendly team is ready to help you! Please email them at so that we can connect! :slight_smile:

Hi there. I found that it was some of the things I had set to “blocked” under “apps and website rules” were causing the issues. Once I set them to “allowed” it worked better. Try changing some of the lesser evils (ads, etc) to allowed.

Hi, I have worked with the Bark team extensively. Unfortunately, they have not been able to resolve these issues. We have had to resort to deleting all Bark apps and recently I had to deactivate it all together just so my daughter could access her school work. I ended my service agreement with Bark. However, after reading Summer’s suggested, I may give it another go when she gets back from her summer visit with her Father as I cannot find another service that offers the extent of monitoring Bark does. If you found a way to do GPS location without the checking requirement, as well as fix these bugs with the IOS software. You really would have it ALL❤️.

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Hi, @alexisjulissa, thanks for replying. I can understand how frustrating this would be; my family uses Bark for our iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices and haven’t experienced any issues. It sounds like there may be something within your devices, settings, router, etc. that could be interfering with Bark’s performance, and likely not Bark itself. Our support specialists at are more than happy any time to set up an appointment with you to resolve this through a phone call / screen share.

Bark’s aim is to keep kids safer while still affording them an appropriate amount of privacy and helping families to build trust. That’s why our Check-In feature does not and will not allow parents to drop in at any time and view a child’s location, but rather allows parents to request their child’s location and then their child can respond by pinging you back with their location to help give you peace of mind and build trust. If you are looking to be able to freely view your child’s location at any time, both iOS and Androids have this ability already natively built in that may be more of what you are needing. :slight_smile:

I changed all the blocked items to allowed, and I’m still having the same issue.

Hi again, @emilyrenn122, please do contact our specialists at so that the team can best assist you. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I was told that Bark cannot monitor certain apps on IOS at all which is disappointing. I am considering ending my contract. We have also had problems with VPN too.

Hello, Erika! We are still able to offer many features on iOS devices that make using Bark with your child’s iOS device valuable:

It is true that we are able to monitor a few more features on Androids compared to iOS devices, because Androids are more open-source and third-party friendly, granting permission to access this data. iOS has tighter privacy and does not grant the same access to certain data to anyone:

For this reason, we recommend that parents needing the most monitoring coverage possible look into Androids for their children (explained in more detail here):

Our parental controls also give parents the option to restrict access to websites and web-based apps if you don’t feel it is appropriate for your child to access:

If you are having VPN trouble, please try these steps:

Here’s also a detailed list of all that we monitor:

We hope this helps to explain a bit! Please message us with any questions at; our team is always here for your family. Thank you!