Bark taking forever to upload

Trying to back up my daughter’s phone and it is taking at least an hour - usually two. Is this normal? It has been really inconvenient and time consuming. Is there a faster way?

Hi there. I’m with the Bark team and happy to offer some insight. :slight_smile: The time your daughter’s phone can take to backup / upload data to Bark is based on a few variables:

  • the size of the backup file as determined by the amount of pictures, videos, and messages on her device.

  • the upload speed as determined by your internet service provider, users using the internet in the household, any security software, and your router.

Bark’s support team is more than happy to gather more information from you regarding this information to see how this may be improved or helped. Please reach the team by emailing or visiting so they may gather more details to best assist you with this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I have 4 kids on our account. Only one backed up tonight and it’s been a week since we installed. The other 3 aren’t backing up at all. Ideas? They all get on WiFi when they are home. All have iPhones.

@Cami, please try these steps. After trying, Bark’s support team would be more than happy to gather more details, check some variables, and best assist you with this! Please reach the team by emailing or visiting Thank you!