Bark Home partially blocks GroupMe

I’ve seen a couple of articles on Bark’s website and forum about GroupMe. But there is no explanation on how to enable or disable its functionality. It not an option in the Social Media Apps section for Rules.

The interesting thing is, I have Bark Home and my and my wife’s phone are on the Unmanaged list. We can receive text messages in GroupMe, but the images aren’t downloaded and we can’t post while on our home network. I want to allow GroupMe, as this is the way our families communicate. But simply entering “” on the whitelist section (allowed exceptions) doesn’t seem like it would work. Is there a way to open GroupMe up completely?

Good afternoon, Jeff! We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with accessing GroupMe! Our support team would LOVE to help! If you’re wanting to block a site or app and you feel like it isn’t being blocked, please check your settings at and support would be happy to help there as well with any questions or concerns.

In the meanwhile, here are some steps to help with Bark’s parental controls and configurations.

I would urge you to please contact our support specialists with your account information so we can double check that everything in your account is set up properly. Our team will be able to examine your account internally and provide you any insight to as why you maybe experiencing any complications. We’re even able to schedule an 1-on-1 phone/video appointment! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Thank you Jeff! :blue_heart:

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