Bark hasn’t analyzed my daughters iOS account into days

I was just curious as to why my daughters iOS account hasn’t been analyzed in two days. I have it set up with my home laptop but I have taken the home laptop away from the house which disconnected it from the Wi-Fi is that why and if so what do I need to do to get it back working properly?

Hi, April! With iOS monitoring, your daughter’s device needs to pair wirelessly with your PC or Mac (recommended daily) for up to date analyzing. Your PC or Mac needs to be powered on with the Bark desktop application running, and your computer and iOS device must be on the same WIFI network to pair / sync. Backups run automatically every 6 hours when all of this is in place. You can also manually force a backup if you need data analyzed sooner than 6 hours. Here’s more troubleshooting information if this helps.

You can always reach Bark’s support team via email to or Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Mine either. It says I need to update. My Windows desktop app is up to date. I am considering canceling my subscription because this is taking too much time and effort to resolve.

@sarahwilsonga, please try and download the latest version here from our site directly. You can then reboot your computer and refresh your parent dashboard page / app. If you’re still showing this message, please reach our friendly team 7 days a week via email to or We’re happy to help and here for you! :yellow_heart:

Hi April,

I had the same issue - I installed the new update and then did a corded backup and haven’t had an issue since. If you’re still having trouble after installing the update, try backing it up by plugging the device into the computer.

So the back up must go the PC/Mac? This means no iCloud backup correct?

Hello, @edwardconde. That’s correct. :slight_smile: For monitoring iOS, Apple’s strict security prevents Bark from monitoring the device or iCloud directly; Bark monitors the text, Chrome mobile web browsing, Notes, & camera roll data from automatic wireless backups you create to your PC or Mac, using our installed Bark desktop program (recommended daily). Here are those steps:
You will need your child’s device in hand to physically connect to your PC/Mac for the initial set up, along with any login credentials for their email & social media accounts:

After that, backups happen automatically & wirelessly about every 6 hours when your child’s device is home and on the same WiFi network as your powered on PC/Mac with the Bark desktop program running (recommended daily).

Here is also a list of all that Bark monitors:

I hope this helps! Bark support can be reached by emailing any time.

If I initially set up Bark to monitor my daughters iOS but she went down to Florida to stay with her mom and so is away from my laptop does her mom have to completely remove bark and then start over? Or can she just put a Bark on her computer and it will do the same thing.? I guess my question is can An iOS device be monitored by two separate computers with Bark on them?

Hello there! I’m from the Bark team and I’d be happy to explain a bit. Bark fortunately has a solution for monitoring iPhones between two households. Parents of dual-household families can install the Bark Desktop app for Mac or PC onto each of their computers and either log in with the same Bark account credentials or create a joint email account (“”) for monitoring. Bark can back up to any computer that has the app installed, so sharing login credentials for a single account allows both parents to receive alerts as if they were on the same network.

Here’s a link that explains more in depth on how to monitor between the households;

If you need any assistance please message Bark any time we can help at We are always happy to chat! :slight_smile: