Bark for iOS on Windows 10 keeps dropping WiFi connection

Howdy! I have been having issues lately where the Bark app on my computer stops showing the WIFI symbol and doesn’t auto update every 6 hours. It will work for a day or so if I plug in the phone, but I much prefer the auto update method because it’s less “in your face” for my kids. Any suggestions?

Hi! Sorry to hear you are experiencing this! I’d suggest trying these steps to see if this resolves:

Some quick points from the article:
Check your Bark desktop for updates, your computer, iTunes, and also your child’s iPhone.

Also check that your computer and iPhone both have enough free storage space.

Many times, the iPhone may be on another WiFi band. Many people have 2 (a 5GHz and a 2.4GHz). The devices may toggle back and forth between the 2 WiFi bands and you may not realize which it is on. If it’s not the exact same as the computer, it won’t connect. Also, some computers may only be able to connect to 1 and not the other. They must both be on the same WiFi band. Make sure it’s also not a guest network; again- the same! :slight_smile: Also make sure the iPhone is actually on WiFi and not just cellular data.

Bark’s team is available 7 days a week to help with this; please email, or schedule a phone call with the team here. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips! It appears to be happening after I ask Bark to “attempt backup now.” and sometimes it gets stuck in a loop. Once I reboot my computer it sometimes works the first time and sometimes I have to plug in the USB. I checked our iPhones and sure enough there was an OS update available so I applied that. Bark is up to date, I just updated my PC and I need to check iTunes. That’s the hard one to remember because I never open it.

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Please do email us / schedule a phone call if this persists. We will work to make sure all is right for you! Thank you so much! :yellow_heart: