Backing devices up

I’m confused about the whole “backing up” process. What is it, what does it mean, and how do I do it? Does it have To be done on all devices: iPhone, chrome book, windows laptop, iPad? I’m desperate enough to expose my total IT ignorance! :grin:please talk to me as if I am in kindergarten. That is the only way I can get this stuff! :flushed:

@drofarrell - Hello! Bark team here … :wave: Happy to explain! Installing Bark will depend on which device you are monitoring. You’ll initially need access to each device for setup.

Due to Apple restrictions, Bark monitors iOS devices via automatic, wireless backups to your PC or Mac. To monitor and put parental controls on your child’s iOS device, download and install Bark’s Desktop program to your PC or Mac and follow the listed steps for daily automatic wireless backups. You’ll also want to install the Bark Kids iOS app onto your child’s iOS device for parental controls.

Once installed, either you or your child will also need to provide any email and social login credentials.

After the first-time iOS sync/setup, activities will be backed up wirelessly and automatically (about every 6 hours) over WiFi whenever your child and their devices are home and on the same WiFi network as your powered on PC/Mac with the Bark Desktop program running (recommended daily).

Bark can monitor web browsing on Chrome and Edge (including website visits, searches, and incognito browsing) when you install the Bark extension for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers on your child’s Chromebook, Mac, or Windows computer.

Since your child has a Chromebook, you may also be able to monitor the saved photos and videos (as well as some Android apps like YouTube) on their Chromebook by downloading the Bark for Chromebook app from the Google Play Store.

Bark’s web filtering and screen time management tools empower families to set healthy limits around the websites and apps their kids can access and when they can visit them. *Screen time and web filtering controls are currently available for children’s Android and iOS devices on all subscription plans. We will be adding more devices in the future.

Managing a Bark account as a parent is independent of the monitoring we do against the child’s connected accounts. Parents can use the optional Bark Parent Android App, optional Bark Parent iOS App, or Bark website at through a mobile or desktop browser to manage their account and review alerts.

Detailed list of all Bark monitors.

Lots of info here:

Hope that helps explain! If you have any additional questions or details regarding your specific setup or devices, we encourage you to reach out to our excellent support team at and they will be able to better assist you more quickly! We’re here for you! Thank you!